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Even your PT needs rehab

So yes, even your physical therapist needs rehab. I should explain; I had to have an abdominal surgery 2 weeks ago. It was a learning experience. Naturally, I was nervous because as I say, physical therapists know just enough to be annoying. I knew that having my abdominal muscles cut would cause me to have pain and difficulty with the simplest of tasks, most notably-sitting to laying down. In the past 2 weeks I learned a lot about myself and what I thought I knew about the human body and what it 's capable of. 1- The body is endlessly fascinating and incredibly resilient. 2- Using your abdominals for everyday tasks is something that is overstated and yes, that as controversial. You have other body parts to help you move, use them. 3-Even as a physical therapist who knows how to treat people like me, even I need reminders that I am human and that I indeed had major surgery and it's ok to move slower than usual.

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